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Educational Costs & Disclosures

The total cost of massage therapy school estimated around $13,400 including Registration & Tuition Fees, Lab Fees, Books, Massage Table & Equipment, and Professional Licensing.


Application Fee: $25
Registration Fee: $100
Tuition: $11,940
Lab Fees: $215
Books: $1,000
Massage Table/Equipment (allotted from financial aid): $794
Professional Licensing: $365
Estimated Total Cost: $14,440

  • A one-time $25.00 Application Fee is required for all Matriculated and Non-Matriculated students (this is non-refundable after 3 business days from enrollment date). For MCU graduates enrolling as Non-Matriculated Students, no additional Application Fee is required and is waived.
  • A $100.00 Re-registration fee is required for all students who withdraw and return to school. (The Registration or Re-registration fee is non-refundable after 3 business days from the date paid.)
  • Lab Fees Include: $95.00 fee for ‘Applied Anatomy Lab’ + $85.00 fee for ‘First Aid/CPR’ +$35.00 fee for ‘Utah Laws, Rules and Ethics’ (The Utah Laws, Rules and Ethics class is a required course for those seeking licensure in Utah.)
  • Massage Table/Equipment costs will vary based on options and additions ordered by the student and may exceed amount listed above.
  • Professional Licensing – Assistance with licensing provided as a Service to the Student by MCU.

Class Schedule

Our class sizes are designed to be small and engaging. Each instructor is able to spend individual time helping students when needed. Please See Our Term / Class Schedules — Please click on the appropriate link below showing our most current and recent Class Schedules.

Fall 2021October 11 - December 18Click to download class schedule
Winter 2022January 10 - March 19Click to download class schedule
Spring 2022April 4 - June 11Class schedule coming
Summer 2022 July 11 - Sept 17Class schedule coming
Fall 2022October 3 - December 17Class schedule coming
Recent TermsJanuary - October 2021Spring 2021
Summer 2021
Autumn 2021


Myotherapy College of Utah accepts transfer credits from other institutions according to the following guidelines:

  • The Transcript, course description, syllabi or other supporting documentation must demonstrate that the course taken at the other institution is of similar length and content to the course for which transfer is requested.
  • Application for transfer credit must include official transcripts showing a “C” grade or better in the course. Other supporting documentation may be required (i.e. Course catalog, syllabi, course descriptions, etc.).
  • The course(s) must have been taken at an accredited institution.
  • The maximum number of transfer credits that will be accepted toward completion of the program is 19 for the Basic Core Program.
  • All transfer credit applications must be made before the student originally enrolls.
  • After all requested supporting documentation is received, the student will be notified within 30 calendar days whether or not the request to accept the transfer will be granted.
  • Myotherapy College of Utah reserves the right to deny a request for transfer credit based on time that has passed since the course was taken on a case by case basis.